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Guest Artist Miss Mini

Availability: September 5th – 9th

Miss Mini will be coming from Germany as a GUEST ARTIST from September 5th until September 9th.  To BOOK an appointment call us or visit us at the shop.

Check out her portfolio and you could also find her on Instagram and on Facebook

Miss Mini has been a tattoo artist for 20 years and owns her own studio in Pegnitz Germany since 2001.  I love black tattoos with filigree, red and graphic elements


Consultations & Appointments

  • In Person

    Most Effective – Stop by, meet your artist and talk through the process, pricing and scheduling.

  • Call Us

    Get the basic info over the phone. Of course, it’s better to visit to see exactly what you want!

  • Email - Out of Area

    Out of the area and not able to come by? Send us an email. We’ll work to get your appointment booked for your visit.