We recommend that you visit the artist portfolio page 1st and choose which artist’s style best suits your needs. Their availability for consultations are next to their profile.  Walk-ins are always welcomed!!

Below are the 3 ways to get started!!!

In Person Consultations

This is always the preferred option when you are ready for your tattoo (especially for custom pieces, multiple session tattoos, cover-ups and scars) since it allows the artist to discuss appropriate size / placement, collaborate on ideas, view the condition of your skin and make suggestions according to complexion. All artists are available for consultations while they are in the shop and no appointment are needed for consultations.

Over the Phone Consultations

If you are unable to come in for an “In Person” consultation, we’ll do a phone consultation especially for small pieces. Email us your PHONE NUMBER along with any reference images and we will call you or you could just call us.




You could always reach us via email however it’s the least accurate / effective option for your tattoo! In your email, please indicate which artist you would like to do your piece (or state that you have no preference). Then describe the body part you want your piece, the size (in inches) and attach some reference photos for content, style and color.



If you have any questions please feel free to call us for immediate answers. Emails usually take up to 2 days for a response.



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