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So Yeon

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So Yeon is an American born artist, but spent most of her life growing up in Korea, which is her families country of origin. Since the age of 10, she spent her Sundays experimenting with watercolors and studying with one of most talented, self-taught watercolorists in the Korean art world. She wanted to expand her repertoire of artistic skills, so she dabbled with a variety if artistic mediums and styles including: Oriental Painting, Western Painting, traditional Korean calligraphy, sculpture and crafts. After graduating high school, she traveled to Japan for 5 years to study design at Tama Art University. In her spare time, So Yeon loves to practice Korean martial arts and spent two years performing on stage in the Korean comic martial art performance ‘JUMP’ before returning to America in 2010. She taught Taekwondo and art to children and learned to tattoo in 2012. Her favorite style of tattooing is realistic black and grey tattoos and watercolors.


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