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From an early age, it was clear Tim had 2 passions. Art and Martial Arts. As a kid, Tim would draw on everything; paper, walls, clothing, himself….whatever was available. Starting Martial Arts at the age of 11, this also introduced Tim to the Eastern cultures of Japan, China, Korea as well as Thailand and the Philippines. This exposure would strongly influence him aesthetically, spiritually and philosophically. After a few years of drawing tattoos for friends and himself, Tim began tattooing while attending the School of Visual Arts. Majoring in Illustration, he used these skills to hone his drawing and design skills for tattooing. After competing for many years in various Martial Arts like Muay Thai, San Shou and MMA, and traveling the world tattooing in places from Europe to Southeast Asia, his passion and knowledge for both Art and Martial Arts continues to grow and thrive, which is prevalent in his work. Tim takes these influences into his tattooing using Realism, Illustrative, Japanese and Spiritual themes and techniques to create a unique style.



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