Thoughtful and Creative Cover Up Solutions

If you’re like most tattoo collectors, you probably have at least one tattoo that you simply don’t want on your body anymore for a number of reasons. Our artists will transform your current tattoo into well-executed custom designs, while simultaneously incorporating your tattoo wishlist, so you can wear your skin with confidence again!

The perfect tattoo cover up client must put trust in the artist, be open to suggestion and willing to compromise on size, theme and color in order to make it work. The perfect artist is one with a vision to fit the puzzle pieces together, and the experience to know when to say no to the client if they are unreasonable.

Not only do we work to cover the existing tattoo, it is also our responsibility to incorporate other important artistic elements such as texture, value, balance, contrast, tone and clarity. Some old tattoos have scars, stretchmarks or keloids, improper placement or do not fit the body part, which we also need to address. Each artist has their own method for cover ups, and each situation may be different. In my opinion, no matter which method used, the most effective cover up utilizes some of the lines and colors from the original tattoo as part of the new one, rather than working against it. Although we may prepare the design prior to the appointment, spontaneous adjustments may be made quickly while on the skin due to the unpredictable nature of the ink absorbency in the skin. It takes a skilled professional to use proper judgement, take the necessary measures to make it work, and sometimes go with flow. Do not be alarmed if your coverup requires multiple sessions, your skin must heal and the artist will then reassess what further action is needed. Always keep in mind, this is not fresh skin.