Tattoos are for everyone! We are grateful and excited to be exposed to a wide spectrum of clients, life stories and wishlists. We are given the privilege of creating pieces that will travel with clients for their entire lives. In our efforts to create the most beautiful, long lasting tattoos, we have compiled a generic list of “tattoo client characteristics” in hopes that you can identify yourself with a particular type (or multiple personality types) and your experience as well as your tattoo collection can be enhanced by our advice. Of course, there are plenty more characteristics, some clients may flip flop between traits, and some may not even be on the list, but it is worth a read!


This tattoo client characteristic is that he/she rushes in to celebrate a new life event, feeling or interest that they are passionate about. From the birth of a child to taking up a new hobby, they are inspired and want to quickly get a tattoo to represent this part of their lives journey. The tattoos aren’t always thought out properly because they are spontaneous, which may lead to a very eclectic assortment of tattoos. As the client, make sure to be open to the artist’s advice. As a tattoo artist, we do our best to offer the best placement, size, design and even content suggestions, although the tattoo may be spontaneous, it will be one that they will enjoy forever and may work with future tattoos.


Some clients are meticulous in character, having thought about their tattoo for some time. They typically plan every detail and know exactly what they want and where they want it. For the most part, this can be very informative and helpful for the artist. The challenge is that it is easy for someone with firm ideas to miss out on opportunities for their tattoo artist to enhance and improve upon their design, so if you associate yourself with this type of client, please be open to suggestions from your artist, they have great experience in adapting client ideas into successful tattoos.


Clients with a flexible nature, come in with a rough idea, or sometimes no idea, and are open for the artist to get creative. They give a tattoo artist the most leeway to create something unique which enhances their freedom of expression. If you have this characteristic, make sure that you trust your tattoo artist and feel like they are in sync with your personality. Also, if you don’t know exactly what you want, please pinpoint the types of images that you don’t want, size/budget restrictions, or any other pertinent information to assist your artist in the designing process so it can move along more quickly and effectively. It is not fair to ask them to keep drawing /redrawing if you gave no reference.

Flash Junkie

If you walk by a tattoo shop and see a pre-made design on the wall and absolutely have to have it – this tattoo client is you. These clients are easy to work with because they want an exact replica of a “flash” design. Their needs are very clear and it is easy to please them. The main challenge they face is a lack of flow or themes between existing pieces and also may have the same tattoos as hundreds of other people. A tattoo artist can help by modifying the design to make it more customized and also to try and create cohesion between pieces.

Cover-up Collector

It’s common for people to collect tattoos over the years from various shops and end up with less than quality pieces or pieces that are not representative of their personality at the moment. If you are a client in need of multiple cover-up tattoos, it is good to learn from your past choices or reflect on what’s important to you now and move forward and improve your collection. Our job is to work with the client to identify their issues, choose a theme and find ways to transform old tattoos into something fresh and new. This is challenging for the artist, but we are up for it! As this type of client, you must compromise, be flexible and listen to artists suggestions about what will work for your specific challenges because there are many more limitations involved in the cover-up process. Also, take more care in choosing your next artist, be content with your piece before your appointment and never need a cover-up again!

Seasoned Veteran (Tattoo collectors)

Clients with multiple, large scale tattoos collected over a good length of time are some of the most interesting to work with because their tattoos are more than ink. They have become scrapbook pages of their life stories. Listening to stories and hearing the reasons behind each piece helps us to understand the person and create something that truly represents them and enhances their collections. Seasoned Vets are knowledgeable about the process and may even advise our new clients on dealing with their experiences and entertain artists with stories from the days of underground tattooing. These clients are not afraid of large scale, multi-layered pieces which give the artist a chance to flourish. Some advice for this type of client is to be open to tattoo styles that reflect contemporary advancements in tattoo quality.

Tattoo Virgin

This can be a very exciting experience to witness as well as be part of. Our tattoo virgins, come to us with a clean canvas, full of unlimited design potential. Because they do not know what to expect, these clients may be tentative. We are here to walk them through this process with care and respect, if we remember far back enough, we were just like them once. If you are tattoo virgin, review the artist’s portfolios to see that the style compliments your ideas and do not make choices according to how much you think it will hurt, how much it will cost or how much your parents will get mad at you. It will last forever, so make choices only to satisfy yourself! The number one mistake of a first-timer is going to small and then having to add their tattoo little by little. Don’t be too conservative with size, choose a piece that correlates to the body part size and gives enough space for details. Welcome to the Club!

No matter which client characteristics you have, the tattoo artists at Body Language Tattoo will be happy to work with you. We are very adaptable to your needs, and take much pride in creating a tattoo that you will love both now and in the future. Visit us today and see our artists in action.